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About orthodontics

Orthodontics is not simply about a beautiful smile and improved self confidence. Orthodontic care contributes to better overall dental health. When teeth are placed in the correct alignment, they are easier to clean which makes them more resistant to decay and gum disease. Correct alignment can also prevent uneven wear on teeth, which often contributes to jaw discomfort and fractured teeth. In essence, orthodontics lays the foundation for better oral health.

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a great smile. In fact, one in fi ve patients wearing braces is over 21! Today’s smaller, lighter bracket and wire systems make braces more comfortable, practical and less obtrusive than ever before. And, for those who want a beautiful smile without braces, new Invisalign® technology may be an option.

When should treatment start?

For the majority of young patients, it is best to delay treatment until most of their permanent teeth have erupted. That usually occurs between the ages of 11 or 12. However for some children, earlier treatment is best. This includes kids with cross bites, severe jaw imbalances, excessive crowding, and early loss of baby teeth. Because bones grow so rapidly during childhood, we can often reduce total treatment time and achieve better results by addressing these problems earlier, between age 7 and 10. Usually, this involves a two-phase treatment plan. After the first phase of treatment, we use retainers to hold the alignment and spaces. Once all of the permanent teeth have erupted, the patient is ready for a full set of braces.